Agency Services

  • Foster Placement

    Children are placed temporarily in the care of foster families. The loving care of the families they are placed with provide a model for healthy living as well as offer a safe and secure environment. A Coming of Age actively recruits, trains and connects families interested in providing a home to a child in need.

  • Case Management

    Children and families are assigned an advocate that works to meet the individual needs of each child and family they serve. They assist them in negotiating service systems and provide consistency in care.

  • LGBTQ Support

    A Coming of Age actively recruits homes that are LGBTQ friendly. When needed, children are placed in these homes to ensure all kids are provided a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Behavioral Health Services

    Psychological assessments are conducted for children being served. Based on findings, referrals are provided to therapy. When children come into the organization and are currently receiving psychiatric care, a plan is established to maintain involvement in care.

  • Medical, Vision and Dental Services

    Medical and dental exams are provided to kids on a semi-annual basis, while dental services are provided annually.

  • Reproductive Health

    Teen clients are provided with information, education and resources to make informed decisions about their health and sexuality.

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Supports

    Direct referrals and support are provided to children who present with alcohol and other drug issues.

  • Developmental Supports

    Clients with special needs are connected to the Inland Regional Center (IRC) for services.

  • Transitional Supports

    Supports are provided to youth age 18-21 in an effort to transition them into independent living. The youth can participate in this voluntary program, allowing them to stay in the foster family home under an agreement that they will build the skills and resources needed to transition into an independent living situation. In this arrangement, the foster family shifts from providing protection to these children to providing them with the mentorship needed to be successful in life.

  • Social Skills Development

    The agency provides group activities to nurture social skills development. Holiday events are hosted twice a year.

  • Foster Parent Trainings

    Trainings are provided to foster parents to equip them with the skills necessary to be agents of change needed by children.

  • Foster Youth Trainings

    Community partners provide education and information about issues such as reproductive health, drugs and alcohol, and healthy lifestyles to encourage good choices on the part of children in the system.


Our Key Champions

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