Employment Information

Employment Information

In order to be a social worker employed by A Coming of Age Foster Family Agency, one must meet the requirements of Community Care Licensing Regulations. Specifically, the regulations that acknowledge the specific educational and experience requirements that an agency social worker must meet can be found in Title 22 Regulations, Division 6, Chapter 8.8, Section 88065.3 which can be located at this link:


For information about the educational and experience requirements to be a supervising social worker, a prospective applicant must meet the requirements identified in Section 88065.2.

Being a social worker at A Coming of Age FFA is challenging and rewarding. As the Administrator, I expect a lot of my social workers and I challenge them to learn each and every day. I test their knowledge through the use of “quizzes” and when interviewing a prospective social worker, I will give them a quiz as part of the interview process. Some basic, rudimentary, foundational knowledge that I expect a social worker hired by A Coming of Age FFA to have a general understanding of include:

  • Understanding the Adjudication Process
  • Understanding the WIC 300 codes
  • Treatment Planning
  • Team Planning
  • The Role of the County Social Worker vs. the Agency Social Worker
  • Crisis Intervention Strategies
  • Maintaining Controlled Emotional Involvement in Social Work

To apply for a job with A Coming of Age FFA, a prospective applicant will need to submit a resume, cover letter, copy of degree and copy of transcripts to our agency via fax or email to the attention of David McCoy (david@acomingofageffa.org). The organization’s fax number is (951) 776-9250. Interviews will be scheduled based on an evaluation of each person’s application received. A second interview may be requested. Interviews typically last approximately 2 hours in length.

Often times the best applicant is not the person who is the know it all or the person who strives to impress the interviewers. Rather the agency is looking for an applicant who is honest, willing to learn a new way of doing social work, able to admit what they don’t know, and instead a team player. Rigidity and a belief that social work is a 9:00am-5:00pm type of job is not a quality sought after by our organization as this job rarely ends at 5:00pm each day. Flexibility is much more sought after from prospective applicants.


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