Success Story – Youth are Housed

Steven longed to be a part of his father’s life.  Unfortunately, his biological father did not want to be a part of his.  Although his father made promises all of the time and constantly told Steven that he wanted him to be back in his life, Steven questioned if this time things would be different.  Unfortunately, after repeated supervised visits to see his father and some unsupervised weekend passes, it always appeared to Steven that his father really did not want to be bothered by him and was just going through all of the motions to act like Steven was important to him.  Unfortunately, reality showed Steven his father’s true intentions when his father told Steven and his social worker that he did not want to commit to having Steven placed in his care as the likelihood of reunification drew close when his father was asked about having Steven stay for 2 weeks during Spring Break.

Although this was heartbreaking for Steven given his desire of wanting a permanent family to belong, what Steven forgot was that he had two loving foster parents who were also committed to Steven.  As such, when all contact between Steven and his father was terminated by the Courts, the foster parents then asked Steven and his three sisters about all of their desires to be a family.

Steven and his three sisters are all in the process of being adopted by their foster parents who have truly shown their love and support to Steven by committing to be the mother and father that Steven never really had.

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