Success Story – Youth are Housed 2017


A Coming of Age Foster Family Agency would like you to meet Latavia Phillips. Latavia has a long history of being around, and caring for, children who have been placed into foster care.  Her, mother, grandmother, grandfather, and several aunts have all served as foster parents.

Latavia, as a child herself, shared rooms with and became good friends to numerous boys and girls whom she still calls “family” today.  At the young age of 23 years, Latavia became a foster parent with A Coming of Age Foster Family Agency where she cared for many children.  Due to her age, she was often able to garner very strong bonds with the children whom she cared for.  This was also readily at the spite of the many of the parents of these children who questioned how someone so young could readily care for their own children.  What many of these individuals did not know was that Latavia had already become an “expert” in caring for others due to her extensive family background.

By 27 years of age, Latavia had three of her own children and had been caring for four other youth who were all siblings.  When CPS had informed Latavia that arrangements were being made to reunify these youth who several different family members which would result in them being split up, she made the decision to accept Legal Guardianship over all four youth, thereby increasing her family from three children to seven children.

To continue to ensure that these four youth were HOUSED in one home and not separated from one another, Latavia willfully accepted this responsibility and now has seven beautiful children that she calls her own.

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